10/25/2021 10:00 AM Christina Lindbäck appointed new Director of Sustainability and Communications for the Ahlsell Group

Christina Lindbäck is the new Director of Sustainability and Communications for the Ahlsell Group, where she will be part of the Executive Group management.

Sustainability and communication are long-term, forward-looking, and continuous work that spans our entire organization. As the development in society and the demand from external stakeholders increases, we see a need to strengthen our work in sustainability and communication.

Christina Lindbäck is well recognized in the sustainability industry and has extensive experience in this field. Among other things, she has held the roles of Sustainability Manager for NCC and Environmental Manager for the Ragn-Sells Group as well as chaired the Environment Managers of the Swedish Industry Federation. She will assume her new position at Ahlsell on 1 March 2022.

"For us, sustainability means everything from satisfied customers, suppliers and employees, profitable growth, and value creation for our stakeholders, to a business that is sustainable over time – financially, environmentally and socially. To enable us to increase our focus even more in this area, we have established the role of Director of Sustainability and Communications in the Executive Group Management. I am delighted to welcome Christina Lindbäck to us," says Claes Seldeby, CEO and President of Ahlsell AB.

For more information please contact:

Claes Seldeby, Group President and CEO, Ahlsell AB
Tel. +46-8-685 70 00, email: claes.seldeby@ahlsell.se


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