World Childhood Foundation

Since 2019, Ahlsell has a cooperation agreement with Childhood, an organisation which safeguards children's rights to a childhood and especially works for better living conditions for children living in vulnerable environments all over the world. Childhood wants to give all children the opportunity to develop into strong, safe and responsible people.

Read our interview with Karolina Hagberg Chinell, Purchasing Director at Ahlsell about our new ooperation with Childhood.

  1. Why does Ahlsell sponsor Childhood?

Ahlsell has an active role in community building. It is therefore natural for us to cooperate with other companies and organisations that are involved in building a better future for all, not least for the children. I think that it is very positive that we are involved in supporting Childhood in the important and challenging work they do to prevent violence and sexual abuse of children.

With our customer and supplier contacts, we can be a strong platform for spreading information and knowledge about Childhood's work. Together, we must put an end to all forms of child exploitation.

  1. Previously, we have been working with the Childhood Cancer Foundation, is this somehow related to Childhood?

Both sponsorships are about taking responsibility and take an active position to work for a better future for our children. The children are our future and we share our commitment with customers, suppliers and other partners. We have a unique opportunity to share this commitment with all stakeholders and work on a broad base.

  1. Will we continue our cooperation with the Children's Cancer Foundation?

Yes, we have worked together for many years and will continue to cooperate also onwards. We aim to cooperate further in order to collect even more money for child cancer research. The collaboration with the Children's Cancer Foundation also involves collaboration on products in which we, together with our customers, donate part of the contribution to childhood cancer research.

  1. How will our cooperation with Childhood be shown externally?

Through sponsorship, Ahlsell can communicate that we are the "Partner to World Childhood Foundation". The donation will make a difference in the programs Childhood has to counteract violence and sexual abuse of children.

  1. Are we planning on any initial activities with Childhood?

The first activity is to spread the information that Ahlsell supports Childhood among employees, customers, suppliers and partners. By talking loud about our collaboration, we make the commitment to the children even stronger and hopefully, we also make it harder for criminals to continue their wrongdoing.

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