Incentive programs

Ahlsell has incentive programmes. The purpose of the incentive programmes is to encourage wide ownership of the Company’s shares among the Company’s key employees, recruit and retain highly qualified and talented employees, increase the link between the goals of key employees and those of the Company, and increase motivation.

At an extraordinary general meeting of Ahlsell held on 16 October 2016, Ahlsell’s shareholders resolved to introduce two long-term incentive programmes. (See document “information om LTIP uppdaterad den 4 maj 2017” below).

  1. 1. A share saving program directed at senior executives including Group Management and some additional key employees.
  2. 2. A warrants program directed at ten senior executives including Group Management.

At the AGM of Ahlsell held 3 May 2018, Ahlsell’s shareholders resolved additional two long-term incentive programmes. (Full proposal is found in the notice)

  1. 1. A long-term share savings program (SSP 2018) comprising approximately 120 senior executives and other key employees which have been deemed capable of influencing the company’s earnings.
  2. 2. A long-term call option program (CO 2018/2022) in accordance with the Board’s proposal. CO 2018/2022 is directed to approximately ten senior executives in Ahlsell which are considered capable of significantly influencing the company's result.

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