In terms of market shares in 2015, Ahlsell holds a dominant position in Sweden, Norway and Finland. This makes us the only company that can offer all three product segments at scale in all three countries.

All other competitors are specialised in one of the three product segments offered by Ahlsell and their relative strength varies by geography. The only other potential multi-segment competitor in the Nordic region is Onninen, a Finnish distribution company operating in the Nordic region.

Specialized competitors
In HVAC & Plumbing, the company's main competitors are Dahl (St Gobain) and Onninen (Kesko). Dahl is particularly strong in Norway and Sweden whereas Onninen, as mentioned above, is strong in Finland.

In the Electrical product segment the local divisions of large multinationals such as Rexel, Sonepar and Solar are Ahlsell's key competitors in all three countries, although their relative strength varies. In Finland, Onninen is also strong in Electrical.

In addition, due to the local characteristics of Ahlsell's business, a number of other smaller companies are competitors in specific product and geographic segments.