Ahlsell Way

The Ahlsell Way describes how we should relate to the world around us and to each other, as well as how we are organised and work. The Ahlsell Way includes values, leadership, sustainability, code of conduct, processes, organisation and management.

Ahlsell values are part of everything we do. It describes how we work and how we relate to customers, suppliers, society and, most important, to each other. Our values makes it easy for customers and suppliers to understand how we do business.

Employeeship and leadership
Ahlsell's culture is characterised by strong business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Personal drive and individual development are a prerequisite and the goal is to have motivated employees.

Ahlsell aims to be an industry leader within sustainability and environmental issues. Sustainability is a tool to create customer value. Training in sustainability is a key prerequisite for success. With knowledge, we can drive the development of new, more sustainable products and ranges, and help our customers to make the best choices.

Code of conduct
Our code of conduct describes how the company must be run on an ethically, socially and environmentally sustainable basis.

Processes, management and organisation
Ahlsell has a market-oriented and decentralised organisation with focus on customer benefit, profitability and entrepreneurship. Shared corporate principles and models set the framework for follow- up, management and development of the business. By learning from highperforming profit centres and exchanging experiences, we can create best practice and valuable knowledge, for the benefit of the company's development.