The Ahlsell Model

The Ahlsell Model defines the customer offering, as well as fundamental success factors such as added value, scale, assortment breadth, local presence and effective business support. To ensure value realisation, the model requires strong positions within at least two product segments in each market. This will give sufficient volume to achieve scale economies and market synergies.

The Ahlsell Model has shown its potential in the Swedish operation, which holds a market-leading position within all product segments. In Norway and Finland, the work is continuing to gradually strengthen and implement the model in our business.

Added value
Ahlsell will offer customers a positive experience that fulfils its customer promise: Ahlsell makes it easier to be professional! The customers are offered the added value of an effective work situation, lower total costs and thereby increased competitiveness.

A strong market position and high volumes will give scale economies within purchasing, sales, logistics and business support, which is a key factor in achieving profitable distribution. High volumes will also make Ahlsell more attractive to suppliers.

A broad customer offering will reduce customers' total costs and increase customer loyalty, while allowing for profitable cross-selling and cost synergies. Expert advice and depth within each product range are offered via an effective matrix organisation.

Local presence
A majority of Ahlsell´s customers operate in the proximity of the branch and a local presence allows for close customer relations and exposes the brand. Branches provide an extensive product range available for immediate purchase, and the collection of pre-ordered items. Ahlsell also offers advisory and expertise services at the branch, via telephone or at personal meetings. Enabling customers to buy their goods through several different channels is an important competitive advantage and is valued by many large and medium-sized customers, as well as multi-segment buyers.

Effective business support
Effective business support is a fundamental condition for Ahlsell's offering. Business support includes a purchasing organisation, a decentralised sales force, specialist expertise, effective logistics and distribution channels, and a stable and well-integrated IT platform.