Sustainability is part of Ahlsell's activities, which entails that the Group takes account of the environment, gives its employees development opportunities, works actively to ensure ethical supply chains and fulfils customers' expectations concerning secure and sustainable products.

Ahlsell's sustainability report 2016 has been drawn up on the basis of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The target for the 2017 Sustainability Report is to follow GRI Standards in full. The sustainability report and GRI Index are integrated into Ahlsell's annual report, which you can find under Reports & Presentations.

Stakeholder views
Ahlsell's stakeholders directly or indirectly affect or are affected by Ahlsell's business. The dialogue with these groups took place via a survey and stakeholders' views determined the issues Ahlsell's sustainability report has focused on. The process follows the requirements under the GRI Standards.

Significant issues
Ahlsell's stakeholders consider it very important that Ahlsell maps its operation to ensure employees' welfare, suppliers' responsibility and product safety. Stakeholders responded that they give priority to occupational injuries and illness, environmental and employment law criteria for suppliers, and how the Group reviews the safety of its products.

New targets, new key figures
During 2017 Ahlsell will determine its new sustainability targets to apply up to 2020. The targets have been created on the basis of the UN's sustainable development targets and the focus will be on responsible procurement, sustainable innovation, reduced environmental impacts and social responsibility.

Sustainability targets have already been established as key figures in the Swedish company and for 2017 these will be introduced throughout the Group. All of the sustainability targets must be quantifiable and concrete, so that both Ahlsell and the Group's stakeholders can subsequently follow up on the targets.

Policies and regulatory documents describing how the Group will work on these issues are available on Ahlsell's website, and employees receive continuous training in how the Group works with sustainability.

Learning together, internally and externally
In 2016, Ahlsell launched the "Helping your customers with sustainability" training programme. The aim of the training is for the Group to become better at discussing environmental and sustainability issues with customers, and for employees to build up internal knowledge. Ahlsell has also created an interactive training programme to roll out and anchor the code of conduct internally in its own organisation.