Today Ahlsell has 5,000 employees in seven countries. To succeed with the Group's expansion strategy, Ahlsell needs to attract competent new employees and develop existing talent in the company. In 2017, Ahlsell will continue to develop the company into a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to develop and grow.

In the Ahlsell 2020 business plan, Human Resources (HR) was identified as a strategic focus area. In 2016 an HR director was appointed resulting in a new HR strategy and organisation with local HR managers in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

In 2017 the focus is on leadership development, drawing up new values, competence development and improved internal communication.

A safe and healthy workplace
Ahlsell's employees must thrive in their work. Every year, the respective countries hold internal questionnaire surveys in order to assess employees' satisfaction with their workplace. In 2017 the aim is to design a shared Group employee satisfaction index in order to more easily monitor and improve development.

Ahlsell's stakeholders believe that a safe workplace is Ahlsell's most important responsibility. Ahlsell takes safety very seriously and works actively to reduce the number of occupational injuries. The majority of the injuries suffered by Ahlsell's employees occur in one of the Group's central warehouses, which therefore have a number of safety rules and directives. In 2016 there were 60 incidents or injuries at the central warehouse in Hallsberg.

Coaching and leadership with continuous follow-up
Ahlsell's objective is to be the sector's most attractive employer in 2020. The key to this is coaching and leadership with clear goals and continuous follow-up. Regular employee appraisals must be held, and each employee must have an individual development plan in sync with Ahlsell's overall business plan.

When individuals grow, the organisation thrives
Competence development is an important condition for sustained profitable growth. Within the Group, training is available for managers and employees in product knowledge, sales, purchasing and leadership. One example of an initiative during the year is a new sales and leadership training programme which started up in Finland. It is aimed at sales and regional managers, as well as sales coaches. Equivalent training will be started in Sweden and Norway during spring 2017.

A compass for the future
Ahlsell's values are an important element of the ONE Ahlsell vision for change. These values will serve as Ahlsell's compass and will among other things describe our approach to colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Ahlsell's work around values began in 2016, and this continues to be a priority in 2017. In the coming years our values will be anchored in Ahlsell's activities. The values will be an integral part of employee profiles, manager profiles and development appraisals, and will be followed up as part of the ongoing business monitoring. The values are also an important element of Ahlsell's acquisition strategy. Shared values support the integration of new employees and companies.

Targets for 2017

  • Launch new values.
  • Development of leadership through provision of leadership training for all managers, better succession planning and new employee appraisals.
  • Focus on building a strong employer brand.
  • Launch a new intranet.