Ahlsell complies with all environmental legislation and provisions in the countries in which it is active. Additionally the Group aims to lead the industry within this field. Ahlsell should always consider the impact on environmental and other sustainability perspectives in all business decisions.

Ahlsell's activities are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, quality and environmental management standards. This entails that the Group has clear quality and environmental procedures and works actively to continuously improve operations. Ahlsell also has an environmental policy.

Transports are important
As one of the largest transport buyers in the Nordic region, Ahlsell takes special responsibility for reducing emissions from freight transport. In Sweden, the majority of the transport operations are from Ahlsell's central warehouse in Hallsberg. Around 150 trucks with 4,500 cubic metres of goods pass through Hallsberg every day, around the year. The lorries annually carry around 400,000 tonnes of goods to distribution points all over the country. In recent years, Ahlsell in Sweden has set environmental targets, with annual follow-up, for its transport operations. In 2017, the companies in Norway and Finland will establish equivalent targets.

Energy use
In order to reduce its energy use during 2017, Ahlsell is focused on increasing the cooperation between countries, so that they can learn from each other. During the year, shared targets must be drawn up, and shared activities established. In 2016, Ahlsell performed an energy audit in accordance with the new EU directive which was reported to the Swedish Energy Agency. In addition to Ahlsell's fulfilment of the statutory requirements, the audit also included measurement of new data and establishment of quantitative targets.

Increased recycling
For several years, Ahlsell has maintaned a successful recycling programme. The ratio of recycled materials in Ahlsell's central warehouse operations exceeds 90 percent. This work is continuing in accordance with Ahlsell's ambition to achieve continuous improvements.

Ecolabelled products
To really make a difference, it is not sufficient to focus solely on internal solutions. Ahlsell extends beyond its own activities by each year increasing the range of ecolabelled and energy-efficient products offered. It must be easy for Ahlsell's customers to make the right choices. Customers demand for environmentally classified products is growing rapidly and, as a contract provider, Ahlsell is increasingly being called upon, to offer a product range that is both varied and environmentally-sustainable. In 2015, Ahlsell launched an assortment of environmentally classified products and this was further expanded in 2016. The offering is predominately made up of Ahlsell's private label products, but is supplemented with other brand products.

Environmental targets

  • Increase the range of sustainable products and services
  • Ensure safe handling of chemical products
  • Use climate-efficient transport
  • High energy efficiency in the Group's facilities
  • Increase the recovery rate and reduce the total waste volume
  • Train employees in prevention of environmentally- hazardous situations
  • Train customers and employees in the environmental impacts of Ahlsell's products
  • Assess and follow up on suppliers

Targets for 2017

  • Reduce environmental impacts from transport, energy and waste by 20 percent during the next five years.