Safe products for a safe workplace

Customers must be able to trust that the products they buy from Ahlsell are safe to use and correctly labelled. The Group continuously adds new products to improve occupational health and safety for both customers and employees. In addition, Ahlsell has developed several different training programmes, safety protection offers, and information material to make it easier for customers to make wise and safe choices.

Joining forces to reduce occupational injuries
Ahlsell has many customers that operate in sectors with a high risk of occupational injuries, which makes ensuring safe products a crucial sustainability issue for Ahlsell. Together with customers, the Group will contribute to minimising the risk of injury and help customers to choose solutions to make their working environment safer. Products are assessed continuously and reports concerning injuries related to specific items are taken very seriously.

Ahlsell's catalogue of protection equipment and industry sector manuals are also available for the Group's customers to minimise risks of injuries at their own workplaces.

Ahlsell also offers several different safety training programmes, such as a fall protection course, so that customers can learn more about techniques and working methods to minimise the risk of falls in the workplace.

All new products are inspected
Every year, Ahlsell adds new products to the product range. However, before these products can be sold to customers, they must be approved by the product manager responsible and by Ahlsell's market council. New products must not only be safe to use. Ahlsell has the ambition to each year actively increase its assortment of environmentally classified, energy-effective products.

Safety has a clear place in Ahlsell's offering
The right protection equipment is just as important as the right tools. Ahlsell offers a wide range of equipment for personal protection of the head, hearing, eyes, respiration, hands and feet. The Group also has protective clothing, fall protection equipment, rescue equipment and hygiene items. This is one of the most complete offerings in Sweden, and Ahlsell only represents suppliers whose products comply with current regulations.

Ahlsell also offers its customers safetyrelated services. An example is PSU safety bags for protection from technical chemical products, a solution whereby Ahlsell arranges a bag with personal protection equipment based on the technical chemical products with which the installation technician will be in contact in the working environment. The content is matched to the technician's requirements and the aim is to make the working day both easier and safer.

Targets for 2017

  • Launch at least ten more sustainable products and services to contribute to increased sustainability.
  • The ratio of environmentally-classified and energy-effective products must increase by 10 percent during the next five years.