Business acumen

Our business acumen is based on our common efforts to make life a little easier for our customers. We aim to, through our expertise and wide product range, our smart services and our commitment, differentiate ourselves from the crowd and stand out a little extra. To be able to do this we need you - our employees.

Code of conduct
Ahlsell's reputation is our most valuable asset and is affected by our actions. Our customers and other stakeholders expect us to uphold the highest ethical standards, fulfill our commitments and act with full integrity within the dimensions of economic, social and environmental responsibility.

Our goal is to be the most attractive employer in our industry by 2020.

To be the customer's first choice, we must have satisfied customers. We will only get there if we have dedicated employees who enjoy their work and who want to do their best in their profession and operated by collaborating with colleagues to live up the customers' expectations.

The key to a positive and active staff is a coaching leadership with continuous monitoring. This requires clear goals and values. When the employee develops, the company also develops. The leader's role is to encourage the employee using positive feedback and be clear when change is needed. Performance reviews should be held regularly. Every employee should have its own development plan that controls the Ahlsell's overall business plan.

The next step
At Ahlsell, strong leadership and happy employees are extremely important components for us to work towards our vision, achieve success, create a good working environment and develop as a business.