Working environment

Ahlsell is an attractive employer that offers a good working environment. All employees at Ahlsell should feel safe, secure and happy at work.

Motivated employees who have both deep knowledge of our products and a good understanding of our customers' needs is a critical success factor for Ahlsell. To maintain commitment and joy in duty and service to customers, it is important that employees enjoy and look Ahlsell as a good employer. The goal is to meet employees' needs for personal development in a work environment that is both comfortable and safe.

An active and systematic approach encourages good physical and mental health and safety, greater gender equality and prevents discrimination, illness and accidents. Ahlsell believes in everyone's right to equal opportunities, fairness and diversity.

The organization develops when the individual develops. Ahlsell offers training for both managers and employees in both product knowledge, sales, purchasing and leadership. We believe in a leadership that creates opportunities for employees to feel motivated, become more independent and take initiative. With motivated, independent and agile employees who do the right things, we ensure that the business keeps developing and is profitable. We strive to continually develop our leadership.