Goal 2020

Code of Conduct

100% of our employees should comply with our Code of Conduct
50% should have undergone environmental or sustainability training

We are actively working on the internal implementation of laws and regulations so that all our employees know what applies in their day-to-day work. Our Code of Conduct describes the minimum requirements for our own actions and, of course, those of our suppliers.

This work should be followed up on by our sustainability team, both executively and operatively. This reinforces our goal for our employees with regard to them, on the one hand, having a greater insight into our Code of Conduct and, on the other, taking pride in Ahlsell's sustainability work.

Result 2017

In the second half of 2017 we launched The Code, an interactive skills development game involving dilemmas related to our Code of Conduct. 15% of our employees have already completed the game and discussed its fictitious situations in groups.

An example of another activity carried out during the year is the Code of Conduct itself being reviewed and enhanced. In addition, the sales force has, on four occasions, had the opportunity to attend ‘Help Your Customers With Sustainability’ training, and every manager has completed a course in competition law.