Goal 2020


Reduce by 20% the environmental impact of energy requirements in relation to the comparative period.

Our aim is to reduce our CO2 footprint by 20% by 2020. This requires action throughout the entire value chain, from small details such as energy-efficient lighting to major renewable energy projects.

As an example of the work we do, we draw on the rapidly growing interest in solar energy as a free and renewable energy source to, in some of our markets, offer our very own solar energy concept. We are, moreover, ourselves investing in solar power so as to be able to switch to renewable electricity wherever possible.

Result 2017

This year, we have reinforced the energy targets for all our stores by defining the number of charging stations and the proportion of solar energy and energy-efficient LED lighting that our businesses should maintain.

By way of an example, the Ahlsell store in the Finnish city of Vaasa is already fully self-sufficient in terms of electricity requirements thanks to its solar panels. Outside the store, these panels also supply the charging station for electric vehicles with fuel directly from the sun.

  • Number of facilities with charging stations, solar energy and/or LED lighting:
    • SE: 16 x charging stations, 21 x LED lighting
    • NO: 3 x charging stations, 4 x LED lighting
    • FI: 1 x solar energy, 3 x charging stations, 12 x LED lighting