Target 2020

Responsible Sourcing

All our suppliers should fulfil the demands of our Code of Conduct. 

All* suppliers with which Ahlsell cooperates must commit to meeting the requirements we set in our Code of Conduct.

Own brands
To ensure the production of our own brands, we have offices in Guangzhou, China with local inspectors on site. The market should be confident that Ahlsell conducts its business with the highest regard for economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Goods suppliers
To be able to supply goods to Ahlsell’s stores, suppliers need to be approved following a supplier assessment. Since the requirements are constantly becoming more stringent, assessments are carried out at regular intervals. We have also defined a goal to follow up on the Group's largest suppliers.

Materials for own use
With regard to purchasing materials and services for own use such as transportation, energy and packaging, we have compiled our procedures in a business manual to ensure that everyone at Ahlsell applies the same systematic method in terms of meeting the requirements of our policies when evaluating and assessing a potential supplier.

*All suppliers from which Ahlsell’s purchases amount to more than SEK 150,000

Result 2018

76% of suppliers have been followed regarding the requirement to comply with our Code of Conduct.