Target 2020

Suppliers Sustainability

We should carry out follow-ups for 50% of our suppliers’ purchase value.

Our goal is to follow up on the sustainability work of our goods suppliers. We do this by checking up on work carried out by our goods suppliers equating to 50% of our total purchase value. Through follow-ups of our suppliers' sustainability work, we can contribute to raising awareness of important issues and encourage active work on these areas. Read more under Responsible sourcing.

A secondary goal within following up suppliers’ sustainability work is that every carrier in each of our markets should be checked each year. This is an initiative which leads to cost savings for all parties, fewer cases of damage during transportation, more secure loads and safer working environments.

Result 2018

We have followed up on 44% of our purchase value, which has led not only to greater consensus and the discussion of important issues, but also to some of our suppliers undertaking training courses in sustainability and conflict minerals.