Goal 2020

Sustainable Innovations

Ten sustainable innovations should be launched every year.

Sustainable working practices are based on cooperation and mutual development. This is why we involve our partners in Ahlsell's sustainability work by way of several innovation projects and challenge our suppliers to develop sustainable new innovations. This increases our sustainable product range and we can then offer the market at least ten new products or services per year. These innovations should, for example, be characterised by their user-friendliness, perform better and be more resource- and cost-efficient than their predecessors. Furthermore, they should allow for a safe and healthy working environment, minimise waste and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As a secondary goal within sustainable innovations, every product bearing our own brand name should be environmentally classified in the Building Materials Assessment.

Result 2017

In 2017, a number of new courses were made available within the Ahlsell Academy focusing on workplace safety and the environment. Furthermore, we launched a Flexible Storage Solutions service which makes use of vending machines to ensure that users select the correct products for their intended purpose. We have also released eight sustainable products, including Marker Eco spray, recycled glycol and LOTO. In addition, 70% of our own brands have already received environmental classifications this year.

Read more about our sustainble innovations from 2017 here

LOTO – Lockout Tagout

Every employer has the important responsibility of making the workplace as safe and secure as possible. LOTO is a broad product portfolio for process shutdown and tagging which contributes to increased workplace safety.

Lockout makes effective use of padlocks and various other devices for locking machines, valves, electrical outlets and circuit breakers to prevent accidents – for instance, during maintenance work.

Tagout refers to the use of tags including information or warning signs. A proper lockout procedure includes both locking and tagging.

EarthCare Glycol
EarthCare Glycol is a high-performance recycled glycol. Glycol which has already been used is purified and restored such that it can be reused time and time again. This provides a refined ethylene glycol which closes the life-cycle of an otherwise finite product.
Recycled glycol for the end consumer

Safe trestles and ladders
Falls are the most common cause of accidents and fatalities at Swedish workplaces. The greatest number of falls occur from lesser heights but can nevertheless lead to serious injury.

Our range of safe trestles and ladders has been classified according to the 2017 working environment guidelines. The criteria for trestles and ladders receiving the Bra Arbetsmiljöval classification (“A Good Choice for Safe Work”) have been developed in consultation with RC Gruppen, PEAB, NCC, Veidekke, Svevia, JM and Skanska.

Vatette water circuit breaker
Water damage is the most common cause of damage to residential properties in Sweden. The Vatette water circuit breaker minimises the risk and extent of all types of water damage by way of an intelligent circuit breaker which monitors the entire tap water system with software instead of moisture sensors and an on/off button by the door. Its function resembles a circuit breaker for electrical systems. 

The Philips Service Tag app – for easier maintenance of LED lighting
Upgrades of outdoor lighting to LED solutions are becoming increasingly common thanks to their energy efficiency and high-quality light. However, LED luminaires are more complex to maintain than conventional installations.

The Philips Service Tag app facilitates and streamlines the maintenance of LED luminaires via a unique QR code found on all new Philips Lighting fixtures, posts and cabinets.
Philips Service Tag

Mixers with 30% less energy and water consumption
FM Mattsson's new signature series Siljan consists of a wide range for both kitchens and bathrooms. In developing the series, they have focused not only on technology and design but also on taking care of people and the environment. These products include lead-free brass alloys, are easy for anyone to use regardless of age, health or physical size and have a clever water-flow control feature which results in 30% less energy and water consumption.
Signature series Siljan

Drain heat exchanger, a-collection
The drain heat exchanger from Ahlsell's own a-collection range is a simple yet ingenious product which provides a way to reuse the energy that would otherwise be lost in the form of hot water flushed down the drain. The drain heat exchanger is a double-pipe heat exchanger with countercurrent coupling. Effluent flows into the inner pipe through the heat exchanger without obstruction, and tap water passes through the outer sheath via two 22 mm connections. The pipes are made of copper for maximum heat transfer.
A-collection heat exchanger

Direct delivery of large orders
If a client order extends to more than four loading metres, we handle it separately from our standard transportation bookings. This way we help maintain a high load factor for both distribution and long-distance traffic. Whilst the client receives the order as quickly as usual, it is delivered directly to the final destination instead of first passing through a terminal. This makes the process easier, smoother and more sustainable for all parties.

Halogen-free pipe sections
All Sager pipe sections are halogen-free – that is to say they do not contain toxic halogens such as chlorides and bromides.

Using halogen-free materials means that the production of toxic black smoke can be avoided should a fire occur, which increases the chances of finding the exit quickly in the event of evacuation.
Halogen free pipe sections

Eco Marker
Marking spray has long been a problem in the construction industry since it contains substances which are harmful to humans and the environment. In cooperation with our supplier Spraymaster and a couple of clients, we have developed the marking spray Eco Marker. It is free from harmful substances and is made from renewable raw materials.
Marker Eco

Goods vending machines
Vending machines are located directly inside the workplace and are a reliable and cost-effective option. Not only do clients save time by not having to go to a store, but an ID badge is required for collection, which ensures that a product with the correct protection class is supplied.
Vending machines

The Ahlsell Academy
As part of our very own Ahlsell Academy training programme, we help our clients develop their professional knowledge and skills through a variety of courses. In 2017, no fewer than nine new courses focusing on sustainability and occupational safety were launched.
Ahlsell academy