Target 2020

Sustainable Innovations

Ten sustainable innovations should be launched every year.

Sustainable working practices are based on cooperation and mutual development. This is why we involve our partners in Ahlsell's sustainability work by way of several innovation projects and challenge our suppliers to develop sustainable new innovations. This increases our sustainable product range and we can then offer the market at least ten new products or services per year. These innovations should, for example, be characterised by their user-friendliness, perform better and be more resource- and cost-efficient than their predecessors. Furthermore, they should allow for a safe and healthy working environment, minimise waste and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As a secondary goal within sustainable innovations, every product bearing our own brand name should be environmentally classified in the Building Materials Assessment.

Result 2018

In 2018, ten sustainable products and services were launched.

  • Sustainable packaging within the range of private label products
  • Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning products
  • PVC-free injection hose (Monomax)
  • Bag made from recycled plastic for the benefit of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund
  • Extended range of steam and moisture barrier film
  • Chemical-free windshield that replaces sheathing paper
  • Palm oil-free gingerbread
  • Smoke alarms without radioactive substances
  • Efficient construction site logistics
  • Increased range of charging posts for electric cars