Target 2020


Reduce by 20% the environmental impact of transportation in relation to the comparative period.

A well-functioning transport solution is an extremely important part of effective logistics, which are crucial to our business. All goods ordered by our clients or stores must be delivered on time. As a result of our large transportation volume, we naturally bear a great responsibility for sustainability.

Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of goods and passenger transportation by 20%. Furthermore, we aim to increase the proportion of renewable fuel used in our goods traffic by 20%. These are tough demands requiring tough measures with regard both to company cars, where improvements will be made in terms of climate emissions, and to our already well-stocked goods transportation, which will be even more environmentally efficient.

Result 2018

In 2018, the proportion of renewable fuel used in our transportation was 37% in Sweden. It is worth mentioning that in Sweden these figures are now calculated and reviewed on a monthly basis.

In order to reduce the need for travel to meetings by air or car, we have this year introduced better procedures and systems to facilitate online meetings.