10/3/2014 10:00 AM Ahlsell acquires Almén Special Fastener AB

Ahlsell has reached an agreement to acquire Almén Special Fastener AB, a company with business in Vänersborg. Almén is specialized in customized fastening products in environments with extraoridnary quality requirements. The customers are mainly in the engineering industry. The company has annual turnover of approximately 45 MSEK, with good profitability. The company is privately owned by two persons.

“Almén operates in an area where we in recent years has had the ambition to strengthen our presence. To develop our product assortment within fasteners is both interesting and strategic for Ahlsell. With Alméns competence we will strengthen Ahlsell’s positions towards interesting customer segments within the engineering industry not only in Sweden but over time also in Norway and Finland”, says CEO Göran Näsholm in a comment.

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