We have around 6000 employees in five countries. To ensure a successful and long-term sustainable organisation, we place great emphasis on developing our employees and attracting competent new colleagues. We want our employees to feel pride and commitment when working for us.

Our employees at the centre

An attractive product offering, combined with our employees’ ability to be dedicated problem-solvers, makes Ahlsell a strong and stable company in a changing world. In order to fulfil our customers’ wishes and expectations, we need employees with a wide range of knowledge areas, experience andbackgrounds. Behind every delivery to the customer are our employees, taking responsibility for every detail in the chain. Our customer promise – We make it easier to be professional – is about much more than what is in the packages we deliver; it is about people. People who are keen to go the extra mile. An important success factor is that all employees are given the opportunity to grow in their professional role – this creates dedication!


Ahlsell’s values are important for achieving our One Ahlsell strategy. The values serve as Ahlsell’s compass and, among other things, describe our approach to colleagues, customers and suppliers. The values are followed up in ongoing dialogue and in the annual employee dialogue. The values are also an important element of Ahlsell's acquisition strategy. Shared values support the integration of new employees and companies. Our values are:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - We are accountable and we are the preferred partner for our customers. Accountability makes our business grow and creates profitability. I am accountable and help create a work environment where everyone can develop to their full potential. I am accountable!
  • OPENNESS - We are open minded towards people. We are open to new ideas and suggestions. Openness and transparency build trust, with colleagues, customers and suppliers. We know that the best work environment consists of people with different backgrounds and experiences. We work in an environment that encourages new ideas and methods, where it is easy to see new opportunities. I am open-minded!

  • SIMPLICITY - Simplicity is synonymous with the way we do business. We are down to earth, uncomplicated and clear. We work closely with our customers and make it easy for them to understand what we offer. We make decisions quickly and focus on what is essential. We strive to be a partner that simplify our customers’ business every day. I make it simple!

Work with us!

Ahlsell's operations are organized geographically, as markets are very local. Ahlsell has companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Estonia. On each country's website you can also read more and see the available positions. You can also contact the HR department in each country.

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