Objectives and business idea

Ahlsell's goal is to continuously contribute to strengthening our customers' competitiveness and to be an attractive partner to our suppliers. We will continuously develop our offering in order to fulfil our customers' requirements and exceed their expectations. Profitable growth will be achieved through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, and by making operational improvements. Ahlsell's objective is to be the leading distributor within the respective product segments in our main markets.

Business concept
To offer effective trading in installation products, tools and supplies for professional users.

Customer promise
We make it easier to be professional.

Sustainability objective
For us, sustainability is everything from satisfied customers, suppliers and employees, profitable growth and value creation for our stakeholders to an operation that, over time, is sustainable in economic, environmental and social aspects.

Financial targets
Our financial targets include growth, profitability, stable cash flows, financial strength and dividend distribution. Our goal is to grow faster than the market through strategic growth initiatives, acquisitions and increases efficiency.

Accountability - Openness - Simplicity