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Customer promise: We make it easier to be professional

  • Broad product offering saves time - and money The breadth of our range enables our customers to work more effectively, as they can save time spent on purchasing, unloading and administration. We guide the customer towards an energy-effective choice through product labelling, manuals etc. In addition, competitive prices and economies of scale means that customers save money when purchasing within their core range.

    • HVAC & PLUMBING mainly comprises installation materials for heating, ventilation and refrigeration, and water, sanitation and drainage. 
    • ELECTRICAL comprises cables and installation materials, lighting, automation, data, telecommunications, safety products, and other electrical products, such as measurement instruments. 
    • TOOLS & SUPPLIES comprises tools, machines, personal protection equipment, construction products and other supplies.

  • We are always close to the customer - We have everything that the customer needs and can be reached through a number of sales channels: by telephone, e-mail, online, in manned and unmanned branches, and in person. Our sales staff work actively to find solutions for our customers. We also have the largest e-commerce platform for installers in the Nordic countries.

  • Ahlsell is a reliable partner - Ahlsell is a reliable partner that delivers the right products, in the right quantity, and at the right time. The customer chooses the delivery method. A well-functioning logistics apparatus enables this reliability, which is one of the most important considerations for our customers when choosing a supplier.

  • Sustainable and safe transport - The broad product offering means that Ahlsell has a high utilisation ratio for transport to the customer. This leads to fewer deliveries to the customer, which is both sustainable and saves unloading time. Ahlsell also works with safe transport, including spot checks for safe loading and sobriety of drivers, which ensures a secure journey for both people and the customer's ordered products.

  • Services that make everyday life easier - In addition to products, we offer services to support and save time for the customer. This includes everything from “runners” that unpack incoming deliveries to temporary stores with automatic stocking at the customer’s premises. There are also a number of add-on services, such as invoicing programs, insurance, safety training and printing of logotypes on workwear.

  • Ahlsell is a central meeting place - Our branches are a central meeting place for customers, where they can quickly get help to find the right solutions in both planned and unexpected situations. The branches have locally adapted ranges and are located in easily accessible industrial or commercial areas. In addition to regular branches, we also have on-site

    solutions and “pop-up-stores”.

Supplier offering

  • Ahlsell is the Nordic market leader and offers suppliers cost-effective access to a loyal customer base in a large geographical market with challenging distribution routes. The market is driven by long-term trends, such as urbanisation and population growth, which indicate good demand over time.

  • Ahlsell operates its business through an omni-channel model that includes a welldeveloped e-commerce platform and over 240 local branches. This ensures that the supplier's products are always close to the customer.

  • Our approximately 3,700 competentsalespersons are the largest sales force for professionals in the Nordics. Ahlsell’s continuous focus on improvement leads to “free innovation” in product development, sustainability and services for suppliers.

  • Thanks to our size and scale, we can guarantee sufficient volumes in cases where suppliers need to invest in order to meet the demand for, e.g., eco-friendly products. The majority of our purchases are made through local sales offices in the Nordic region, while our suppliers’ production takes place mainly in Europe.