Ahlsell 2020 - a longterm strategy and businessplan

In the work with Ahlsell's longterm strategy and businessplan Ahlsell 2020, the concept of ONE Ahlsell was established with the purpose of building a stronger Group through a shared framework.

In the Group's decentralised organisation, ONE Ahlsell ensures a clear understanding of shared goals and fundamental strategies. It also facilitates and encourages lateral sharing of ideas and best practice, as well as increased cooperation. Certain overall matters are initiated at Group level, but carried out by each market's local organisation.

Examples of overall Group initiatives are Ahlsell's focus on sustainability, businesssupporting HR, continued development of a customer-oriented multi-channel offering, increased sales effectiveness, more effective purchasing and the development of private label products.

Ahlsell's four areas for development towards ONE Ahlsell 

  • The Ahlsell Model
    Ahlsell will continue to develop the company according to the Ahlsell Model in all primary markets. The Ahlsell Model defines the customer offering, as well as fundamental success factors such as added value, scale, breadth, local presence and strong business support.
  • The Ahlsell Way
    The Ahlsell Way describes how we work and are organised, and how we relate to each other and the world at large. The Ahlsell Way includes values, leadership, sustainability, code of conduct, processes, management and organisation.
  • Profitable growth
    Profitable growth is achieved through organic growth and high acquisition activity. Besides market growth, Ahlsell must proactively run growth initiatives to add new customer groups and products. Acquisitions strengthen the market position and drive growth.
  • Improvement
    Continuous improvement is a natural, prioritised element of our day-to-day activities. Development is achieved by allocating time and resources to continuously identify and prioritise areas for improvement.