One Ahlsell - Strategy in four parts

The guiding principle of our strategy is "One Ahlsell" which stands for a shared corporate culture and an efficient organisation. Our strategy has four elements – the Ahlsell Model, the Ahlsell Way, Improvement and Profitable growth. “Sustainability in everything we do” is a natural part of our activities.

  • The Ahlsell Model

    For more than 140 years, we have worked according to the same fundamental customer satisfaction model. We call it the Ahlsell Model. Our four fundamental success factors that contribute to customer satisfaction are:

    •  Scale - A strong market position and large volumes give economies of scale in purchasing, sales, logistics and business support. Scale is a fundamental success factor for profitable distribution activities. Large volumes also make Ahlsell more attractive to suppliers.

    • Breadth - A broad assortment and offering lowers the customer’s total costs and increases customer loyalty. Expertise and depth in each product segment are offered via an effective matrix organisation. Breadth also ensures profitable cross-sales and cost synergies for Ahlsell.

    • Local presence - A local presence allows for close customer relationships and brand exposure. Branches provide rapid and flexible deliveries. The different channels represent an important competitive advantage and are particularly appreciated by SME-customers and multi-segment buyers.

    • Business support - Good business support is fundamental to Ahlsell's offering. Business support includes a purchasing organisation, a decentralised sales force, specialist expertise, efficient logistics and distribution channels, and a stable and well-integrated IT platform.

  • The Ahlsell way

    The Ahlsell Way defines how we want to work within our organisation. The strategy includes creating employee commitment, shared values, our leadership, our code of conduct and how we work together.

    • Values - Our values are part of everything we do. They describe how we work and how we relate to customers, suppliers, society and, not least, each other. Leadership and employeeship in Ahlsell’s culture are defined by strong business acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit. This requires initiative and individual development, and the aim is to for all employees to be highly motivated. Our values are:

    • Code of Conduct - Our Code of Conduct helps us to conduct business in an ethically, socially and environmentally sustainable way. We expect everyone in the organisation to adhere to the code. We also require our suppliers to follow this code. Accountability, Openess and Simplicity.

    • Market-oriented organisation Ahlsell strives to be a market-oriented and decentralised organisation with a focus on customer value, profitability and entrepreneurship. Shared corporate principles and models set the framework for follow-up, governance and business development.

  • Improvement

We are a decentralised and learning organisation, which enables us to respond quickly to changes in demand and customer requirements. The desire for continuous development and improvement is important in ensuring long-term success. Improvement requires strategic planning and follow-up, as well a continuous focus on identifying and utilising improvement opportunities. By cooperating within the organisation, we can accelerate improvements.

  • Profitable growth

    • Organic growth - Growing faster than the market requires innovation, creativity and strategic initiatives, both large and small, to reach new and existing customers. Ahlsell works proactively to develop new business with new and existing customers, as an important contribution to strengthening our organic growth.

    • Acquisitions - Ahlsell is continuously strengthening its market position through large and small acquisitions. Acquisitions can take place both in existing markets, within established product categories, and within niches where clear synergies exist. Acquisitions contribute to a broader product offering and bring new customer segments, markets, expertise and employees. Ahlsell has considerable experience in identifying, acquiring and integrating companies. There are significant integration benefits from coordinating purchasing, logistics, administration and sales.