Strategy in four parts

The guiding principle of our strategy is "One Ahlsell" which stands for a shared corporate culture and an efficient organisation. Our strategy has four elements – the Ahlsell Model, the Ahlsell Way, Improvement and Profitable growth. “Sustainability in everything we do” is a natural part of our activities.

The guiding principle in our strategy is “One Ahlsell”. This is about creating a corporate culture that, based on a set of shared values, develops good leadership, clear processes and an effective, customer-oriented organisation in which employees thrive.

Ahlsell's four areas for development towards ONE Ahlsell 

  • The Ahlsell Model

    For more than 140 years, we have worked according to the same fundamental customer satisfaction model. We call it the Ahlsell Model. Our four fundamental success factors contributing to customer satisfaction are: Scale, Breadth, Local Presence and Business support.

  • The Ahlsell Way

    The Ahlsell Way is about creating employee commitment, which is essential to our success. The strategy includes our values, our view of leadership, our Code of Conduct and how we work together in our organisation.

  • Profitable Growth
    Profitable growth is achieved through organic growth and high acquisition activity. Besides market growth, Ahlsell must proactively run growth initiatives to add new customer groups and products. Acquisitions strengthen the market position and drive growth.

  • Improvement

    We are a decentralised and learning organisation, which enables us to quickly meet any changes in demand and customer requirements. Striving for continuous development and improvement is an important factor for long-term success. Improvement requires strategic planning and follow-up, as well as continuous focus on improvement opportunities. By cooperating within the organisation, we can accelerate improvements.