Entrepreneurship has always been a driving force for Ahlsell. Throughout its history, Ahlsell has expanded its business through mergers and acquisitions. As a result, Ahlsell’s employees have always focused on developing the business, combining the best practices of these companies to create something even stronger.

1877  The history of Ahlsell began in 1877 with the establishment of the Bernström & Co sales company. In 1922 the company merged with R Ahlsell & Co and sharpened its focus on HVAC products, forming the foundation for the Group of today.

1964  Ahlsell & Ågren was listed on the Stockholm stock exchange.

1986  El-Partner was acquired, expanding the company into the Electrical segment. Ahlsell is delisted from the stock exchange.

1987  Ahlsell became a subsidiary of the Trelleborg Group.

1990  Ahlsell extended into refrigeration with the acquisition of Sandblom & Stohne. A central warehouse was built in Hallsberg, Sweden.

1996  Acquisition of Gelia, a company with a strong brand and sales through retailers.

1997  Skoogs Elektriska, a listed company, was acquired and Ahlsell became the leading wholesaler in the Electrical segment.

1998  Ahlsell acquired Storm Elektro and VVS Trading, and expanded into the Electrical segment in Norway and the HVAC  segment in Denmark.

1999  Nordic Capital became the principal owner. Ahlsell acquired LVI Tukku Oy, which established a Finnish platform.

2001  The Tools & Machinery business line was established through the acquisition of Tibnor Industrivaruhus.

2003  A central warehouse was built in Finland.

2004  Ahlsell acquired Bergens och Stavanger Rørhandel to become the market leader in HVAC in Norway. The company further strengthened its market-leading position in Tools & Machinery in Sweden through the acquisition of TotalPartner. Nordic Capital acquired Trelleborg’s interest in Ahlsell and became the sole owner.

2005  Ahlsell acquired Nexans Distribusjon AS to become the leading electrical installation supplier in Norway.

2006  Goldman Sachs and Cinven acquired Ahlsell and became the new principal owners. Ahlsell strengthened its position in the Nordic HVAC segment through the acquisition of the refrigeration company Tempcold. HVAC acquisitions in Estonia and an electrical installations acquisition in Åland open new markets.

2007  Ahlsell acquired Idestrands, strengthening its market position in the Swedish construction industry. Acquisitions in the Tools & Machinery product segment in Finland strengthen Ahlsell’s leading position in this business line, both in Finland and the Nordic countries.

2011  The strategic acquisition of NEA gave Ahlsell a market-leading position in electrical installation products in Sweden. Expanded logistics capacity in Finland, Norway and Sweden contributed to continued profitable development for Ahlsell. Ahlsell decided to invest in the world's largest automated warehouse facility at the logistics centre in Hallsberg.

2012 Ahlsell was acquired by CVC Capital Partners.

2013  Ahlsell strengthened its market position in Tools & Machinery in Norway by acquiring ProffPartner AS, Norway’s leading supplier of tools and personal protective equipment. Further automation of the central warehouses in Hallsberg and Hyvinge increased Ahlsell’s logistic capacity and efficiency.

2014  In accordance with Ahlsell’s ambition to strengthen its presence as a supplier at an earlier stage of construction projects, Ahlsell acquired SKB Väst AB and Haucon, two leading companies in concrete, reinforcement and formwork. Ahlsell also continued to increase its local presence through further acquisitions and establishment of new stores in Sweden. Substantial investments in developing and expanding the e-commerce platform were made.

2015 In order to streamline operations through a more rational system with a higher degree of automation, and to ensure the continued expansion space for both organic growth and growth through acquisitions Ahlsell makes its largest investment ever in the central warehouse in Hallsberg. Through the acquisition of Sata Automaatio Oy in Finland Ahlsell expands investment within the electrical segment and strengthens its position and profile in Finland. With the acquisitions of Verktygshuset in Kiruna AB and Weldab Industrial Center in Sweden Ahlsell develops its offer to both new and existing customers. A new groupwide online store is launched to make Ahlsell’s business even more accessible for its customers.

2016  On October 28, Ahlsell AB was listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange in the large cap segment at a share price of SEK 46. During the year Ahlsell made three acquisitions with an annual turnover of approximately SEK 600 million. By acquiring Elgross'n i Göteborg, Prevex AB and Värmematerial VVS, Ahlsell managed to increase its presence further in the south of Sweden within electrical installations and HVAC. More importantly, Ahlsell also gained stronger foothold in the key region of Gothenburg.

2017 In 2017, Ahlsell celebrated 140 years and it was one of the most successful years in the company's history. Successful strategic initiatives, acquisitions and favourable market conditions contributed to Ahlsell achieving a turnover of 27,484 MSEK, corresponding to a sales growth of 12%, of which 9% were organic. Ahlsell achieved strong growth in all major markets, ie. Sweden, Norway and Finland, and in all three product categories (HVAC & Plumbing, Electrical, Tools & Supplies). The acquisition pace was strong during the year and in total, Ahlsell signed agreements to acquire 13 operations with a combined turnover of approximately SEK 1,450 million. Several acquisitions were made within the product segment "Tools & Supplies" and specifically in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). For example, Ahlsell became a market leader in PPE in Norway through the acquisition of Bekken & Strøm AS. In addition, Ahlsell strengthened its position in sprinkles, where Ahlsell previously was only a small player. Increased focus on safety and requirements for building standards speak for good future demand in PPE, fire protection and sprinkler.

2018 - During the first nine months of 2018, Ahlsell achieved a strong sales growth of 14%, which once again shows that the Ahlsell model was successful. Ahlsell succeeded in strengthening its position as the market-leading distributor within technical installations in the Nordic region. A continued high level of construction- and infrastructure investments and good industrial development led to strong organic growth of 9%. In addition, the acquisition pace remained high and during the interim period seven acquisitions were made with a total annual turnover of 841 MSEK. Most of the acquisitions strengthens Ahlsell's position in the product segment Tools and Supplies. An acquisition that was finalised at the beginning of the year was Proffsmagasinet, an e-commerce player for professionals with a turnover of around 260 MSEK. The acquisition is a part of Ahlsell's digital strategy, which has been very successful. Roughly 25% of Ahlsell's revenues derive from the successful e-commerce channel. At the end of September, Ahlsell achieved, for the first time, a turnover of more than SEK 30 billion (on rolling twelve months).