• Active customers
    Customers who regularly shop at Ahlsell.
  • Active suppliers
    Suppliers from which Ahlsell buys goods for at least SEK 150,000 per year.
  • B2B
    Abbreviation of Business to Business, which refers to transactions between companies.
  • CRM system
    Abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management.
  • Cross-selling
    Means that the same customer buys products from different product segments.
  • DIY
    Do-it-yourself. Products used by people doing their own decorating or repairs.
  • EDI
    Abbreviation of Electronic Data Interchange,which is an electronic communication method for automatic transfers of order data.
  • ERP
    Abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning – a business system that encompasses several functions, such as purchasing, planning and sales.
  • GDP
    Abbreviation of gross domestic product.
  • GRI
    Abbreviation of Global Reporting Initiative.
  • HVAC
    Abbreviation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.
  • KPI
    Key Performance Indicator, another term for performance measure.
  • Main markets
    For Ahlsell, refers to Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  • Multi-segment buyer
    To be a multi-segment buyer, customers must be active and buy at least 5% of their purchases from their second-largest product segment.
  • OEM
    Abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer – the company that manufactures the product.
  • Omnichannel
    Ahlsell offers its customers the opportunity to shop through several sales channels, referred to as omnichannel. Also called multichannel.
  • One-stop shop
    For Ahlsell, the concept means that customers can find everything they need with us. A distributor who is always close by and provides what the customer is looking for.

  • On-site solution
    A sales solution that includes, but is not limited to, vending machines, temporary sales outlets at the customer’s premises and unmanned stores.

  • Pop-up store
    A temporary store, built using containers, at an attractive venue that may change.

  • PPE
    Abbreviation of personal protective equipment.

  • Private label product
    A product manufactured by a third party and sold under a another companies brand

  • RMI
    Abbreviation of renovation, maintenance and improvement.

  • RTM
    Abbreviation of rolling twelve months.

  • Runners
    Support persons who help make our customers’ everyday life easier by dealing with tasks such as unpacking goods.

    Swedish kronor, millions of Swedish kronor, billions of Swedish kronor.

  • SKUs
    Abbreviation of Stock-Keeping Units,referring to items stored in Ahlsell’s central warehouses in Hallsberg, Gardemoen or Hyvinkää.

  • SME customers
    Abbreviation of small and medium-sized enterprise customers.

  • The Code
    The name of the interactive game used for training in Ahlsell’s Code of Conduct.

  • UN
    Abbreviation of United Nations.