Sustainability in everything we do

The vision for Ahlsell's sustainability initiative is to be the industry leader in the Nordic market. Through our work on sustainability, which is based on our values; accountability, openness, and simplicity, and also our Code of conduct, we aim to fulfil our promise to make it easier to be professional.

Our Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact, the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related UN conventions, ILO Core Conventions and the OECD guidelines for multinational companies. The content and priorities of our sustainability strategy for 2020-2030 are based on a materiality analysis of Ahlsell’s risks, opportunities and environmental aspects, as well as on a dialogue with our stakeholders. It’s in these cooperation, discussions and relations with our stakeholders that we discover our essentials and where we can do the most difference.

In our supplier discussions we seek more sustainable products and improved product flows. In the same way as we in our dialogue with customers listen to and discuss their expectations and demands to fulfill the market-needs. Our coworkers are also an important stakeholder for our development. Through employee dialogues and an open corporate culture we take advantage of their knowledge and ideas to continually find new improvements.

We also take active responsibility for encouraging trade organizations in a more sustainable direction. Ahlsell also attaches great importance to good cooperation in the communities in which we act and where many of our employees live. Finally, the relationship with our owners and financiers is characterized by openness and mutual learning to strengthen our market position.

UN Global Goals

Ahlsell's strategies and objectives are moreover linked to the UN’s seventeen global sustainability goals. To ensure our work is as productive as possible, we have chosen to focus on four of these seventeen goals. The UN’s four goals are then connected to four of our own focus areas. Within this carefully applied structure, we are able to devote our energies where Ahlsell's business can have its most significant impact and therefore the greatest opportunity to make a difference.

Our focus areas

The four focus areas of our sustainability strategy are Responsible Sourcing, Innovation & Collaboration, Tackle Climate change and Health & Safety. These reflect Ahlsell’s risks and opportunities and include those areas where we have the greatest potential for contributing to sustainable development.


Sustainability targets

A cornerstone of our work on sustainability in terms of ensuring that we are on the right track towards our defined targets is following up the activities carried out. Through constant monitoring, expanding our knowledge and developing new sustainability technologies, we can ensure that these targets continue to be relevant. Where they are not, they can be adjusted based on new knowledge and analysis.