Cooperations and sponsorship

There are several organisations that Ahlsell care warmly about.

The most relevant are of course the trade associations, in which we take active responsibility for driving the industry in a sustainable direction. These associations also enable external environmental analysis that help us and the industry to comply with new laws and regulations. Membership also means that we undertake to follow ethical rules that promote Suppliers Employees Customers Society Shareholders and Financiers Organisations good business practice and sustainable development in the market. Examples of our trade association membership include SEG (Swedish Electrical Wholesalers Federation), RGF (Swedish Federation of Wholesalers in Heating, Sanitation and Plumbing), the Association of Swedish Building Materials Merchants and Swedish Ventilation.

Other organisations close to Ahlsell’s heart are the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden) and the World Childhood Foundation.

We also nurture the industry’s history through our support membership of Sweden's museum of plumbing in Bromma, outside Stockholm. The museum is a natural meeting place for the HVAC & plumbing industry.

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