4/20/2023 11:45 AM The Sustainability Report for 2022 shows how Ahlsell’s business makes a difference

In the 2022 Sustainability Report, we highlight several examples of how we fulfil our vision to build a more sustainable society. We describe our updated strategy and overall long-term goals aimed at 2027.

With the sustainability perspective clearly integrated into the business strategy, we are now well-positioned to take the next step. Developing sustainably means, among other things, that we will be able to help our customers to over time choose more climate-adapted alternatives in terms of both products and services. We want to enable our customers to make sustainable choices, says Christina Lindbäck, CSO at Ahlsell.

A more sustainable society

The Sustainability Report shows how Ahlsell is contributing to society in a positive direction and contributes to the construction, maintenance, and improvement of important functions. Among other things, we offer products and expertise to maintain a stable electricity grid which is a vital part of our society, as well as complete systems for water supply and wastewater treatment for both large and small plants. Thanks to our robust supply chain and logistics, we can for example ensure that important functions in our armed forces and community preparedness are provided with supplies, tools and personal protective equipment.

Highest level, Platinum, in EcoVadis assessment

An important milestone in our sustainability work was reached when we took the step up to the highest level, Platinum, in the analysis company EcoVadis’ seventh evaluation of us. The assessment is based on 21 criteria in environment, work environment and working conditions, including human rights, ethics and responsible sourcing. This ranks us among the top 1% of rated companies in our category.

Ahlsell’s CEO Claes Seldeby highlights the important role of the business community, where large companies have both the opportunity and a responsibility to influence society in a more sustainable direction.

The transition to a sustainable society must be accelerated. Here, as a company, we have an important role to play. Together with the industry, and the business community in general, we can achieve real changes in our strive to build a more sustainable society," says Claes Seldeby.

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